Susan Brown

Blue Badge Tour Guide

Susan Brown is Scottish born and bred and like all Scots, very proud of her heritage.

She loves to get to know her guests and find that little something that “makes” their Scotland trip for them – be it a photo opportunity, musical interlude, food or whisky tasting or connection with the land and the people.

Susan was bathed in the hospitality industry from a young age as her parents ran a hotel in Perthshire which she worked in as a teenager.

Having studied for British and French business degrees for 2 years in Hull and the same in Bordeaux, being a Scot, she felt had to work in the Scotch whisky industry. It was an amazing place to work, even more so when it took her on a cross-over into supply chain in Guinness and working in Cameroon for two years. Did you know Cameroon was the fifth biggest Guinness market in the world in the early 2000s ? After 15 years, with a third of that in Europe and West Africa, redundancy beckoned and Susan decided it was time for a change. Having completed a Masters in Human Resource Management she worked in training, managing face to face client training and online elearning programmes.

The wanderlust may have reduced, but Susan longed to move back to her country-girl roots and so between 2012-14 she trained to be a Scottish Blue Badge qualified tourist guide, had a house built in her native Perthshire and bitten by the bug of touring across Scotland, she became a freelance guide. The rest, as they say is history !

In her spare time, she researches her own family history, makes the most of the fabulous walks in Highland Perthshire, indulges her love of the West Coast of Scotland and spends up to 3 months in Bermuda over the winter months with her Bermudian partner.

Susan is involved in Scottish Blethers podcast with fellow Guide Collective members Liz Lister and Helen Houston.